In 2010 Lotus returned to Formula 1. But Lotus wasn’t happy that Lotus was called Lotus and went to court over who had the right to call their racing team Lotus. In 2011 Lotus started sponsoring Renault, who also provided engines for Lotus so we had two teams known as Lotus Renault.

Lotus entered a team in GP2 but called it Air Asia and ran in red and white but mid-season changed to green and yellow when they renamed themselves Caterham Air Asia, which was confusing because Lotus had started to sponsor ART and were also green and yellow.

So this year in F1 Lotus Renault became Lotus and Lotus Renault became Caterham, with Lotus being title sponsor of Lotus and with an option to buy the team. However, today there has been a revelation on the oracle of all things motorsport ( that Lotus is no longer sponsoring Lotus and no longer has an option to buy the team, but Lotus will still be known as Lotus although it is unclear whether the team owners are still interested in buying Lotus because Lotus isn’t owned by the people it was.

Lotus still sponsors Lotus in GP2 which is no longer called ART, just Lotus, while Caterham will still be Caterham in F1 and GP2, but not in WSR where there will be a new team called Caterham Arden. Caterham competes against Arden in GP2… can you see where this is going?

(Come on… someone was going to do it)