Welcome to the The Buxton Blog, the Op-Ed page created by journalist and broadcaster Will Buxton as an online outlet for views, opinion and debate on the world of motorsport.

What you will find here is a look at motor racing through my eyes… Formula 1 mainly plus anything else that crops up along the way. Sometimes it’ll be the lighter side of the sport, something that’s tickled me or made me smile. Other times it’ll be a bit heavier, a look at the politics or the big stories making the headlines in the sport. Either way, it’ll all be brought to you from my own viewpoint which I hope you’ll find both insightful and enjoyable to read.

The purpose of this blog isn’t to post 50 articles a day, particularly over F1 race weekends. There are a wealth of great websites and blogs out there who are doing this and keeping you all in the loop on the latest developments. What I intend to do is to write about the topics that I feel need talking about, or just things that stir me. I won’t post every day. I’d rather write something that has meaning to me than to waste my time and yours with writing for the sake of it.

I hope you will find something on this site that stirs your interest in this incredible sport and magical world of heroes. It is my wish that my writing might give birth to a wider discussion, both considered and passionately fanatical. We won’t always agree, but I look forward to reading your responses and hearing your views.