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Welcome to the The Buxton Blog, the Op-Ed page created by journalist and broadcaster Will Buxton as an online outlet for views, opinion and debate on the world of motorsport.

What you will find here is a look at motor racing through my eyes… Formula 1 mainly plus anything else that crops up along the way. Sometimes it’ll be the lighter side of the sport, something that’s tickled me or made me smile. Other times it’ll be a bit heavier, a look at the politics or the big stories making the headlines in the sport. Either way, it’ll all be brought to you from my own viewpoint which I hope you’ll find both insightful and enjoyable to read.

The purpose of this blog isn’t to post 50 articles a day, particularly over F1 race weekends. There are a wealth of great websites and blogs out there who are doing this and keeping you all in the loop on the latest developments. What I intend to do is to write about the topics that I feel need talking about, or just things that stir me. I won’t post every day. I’d rather write something that has meaning to me than to waste my time and yours with writing for the sake of it.

I hope you will find something on this site that stirs your interest in this incredible sport and magical world of heroes. It is my wish that my writing might give birth to a wider discussion, both considered and passionately fanatical. We won’t always agree, but I look forward to reading your responses and hearing your views.


33 thoughts on “The Buxton Blog

  1. Hi Will, how long until JV is confirmed at Renault??
    All of your writings are coming true on the Renault front, Gravity, Boullier, talk of d’Ambrosio signing up now. Come on Will, throw us another JV bone please!

  2. Hi Mr. Buxton,
    You were rigth on everything concerning Renault (Genii capital and Boullier).
    And Villeneuve?
    Now to complete your writings Renault should signs Villeneuve.
    I can’t stand the wait anymore.
    I want to see Villeneuve back in F1.
    Good news Please!

  3. Congratulations on your new appointment at Speed TV. We’re all very excited to watch your reports here in the States. But first things first, here is wishing you and your wife a very healthy first child and we’ll see you in China.

  4. Thank-you for your remembrance of the late Graham Jones who was Press Officer for Minardi. He passed much too soon.

    Those of us in Victoria British Columbia still involved with amature racing remember Graham when he raced with us in the Victoria Motor sports Club in his 1 Litre Mini-Cooper.

    He also gave our sanctioning body, the International conference of Sports Car clubs an excellant write-up in Car and Car Conversions when he wrote for that magazine.

    You’re missed Graham.

    Paul Whitworth

  5. Hi Will, Jerome d’Ambrosio got all his corners wrong at Spa. Th one he called Bruxelles (Brussels) is in fact Rivage. The “corner with no name” is Bruxelles. Wikipedia tells me that ‘Pif-Paf’ is the Belgian sang expression for chicane, but when I started watching Formula 1 (not long after Jerome was born) the ‘pif-paf’ was Malmedy, at the top of the hill.

  6. Hi Will, What the hell is going on with Speed Channel? Where is F1 going to go if not for Speed? Is the crew going to go over to another network?, there have been no other announcements other than what Bob said on the broadcast, can you fill us in?

  7. Hey Will is NBC ever going to market the F-1 coverage. They do not even have a schedule any where that I can find. Are they going to show live anything? Practice and Qualifying?
    Any details would be nice. They should also have links to your blog and twitter .
    Glad you are staying on board for the coverage.

    • Nah it’s all going to be tape delayed and put on air a week after the race. JOKE. Don’t panic. We’ll be on air on Friday in Melbourne bringing you live action. NBC is going to be a great new home for F1 in the US.

  8. Hey Will! I was wondering what you think of heikki not being back this season? Also any advice or words of encouragement for a girl that wants to be a future F1 journo but its having a hard time starting to write and is feeling discouraged? And do you know if NBC will be showing the races live or not?

    • Hey Cherish. I’m sad Heikki won’t be back. I always rated him very highly. But F1 takes no prisoners and sadly we lose more talent than we ever see reach the heights that talent had promised. Yes NBC will be showing the races live and DO NOT give up. I remember meeting you in Canada and with your passion for writing you will be a success. You’re still so young. Have faith and keep pushing. Will

  9. Will, I love your enthusiasm, but I think this situation is more about character, character of both drivers.

    “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”
    John Wooden.

    Do people garner more respect as a result of their inflated ego or their character. I believe Mark Webber realized that racing Vettel after his pass would have resulted in one or both cars possibly not finishing the race. He chose not to pursue those possible DNF’s for the sake of the team. I think Vettel knew Webber would not pursue this fight thus he took advantage.

    Mark Webber may not be as fast, but he has strong character that I admire. Sebastien cared more about is reputation (wins) and took advantage of a loyal team mate.

    I also believe Lewis would have given up his position if the order was given. I admire him for acknowledging the situation and Nico from the podium.

  10. Mr. Buxton…

    I was quite surprised to learn that you had never been to Indianapolis Motor Speedway in your career. It was quite different in the F1 era, but the history, the ambience and the respect were all there…as a former Indy resident, I hope you had a great time and can clearly see why we US fans would love a bit of the Indycar spirit get transferred to F1…maybe we’ll see you in Austin this year…cheers.

  11. Hi Will, just wanted to say that you and the rest of the commentary team are doing a great job at NBC Sports with the F1 coverage. Glad most of the team from Speed Channel was brought over to NBC Sports for the F1. Must be a fantastic experience to walk the grid before each race and to experience the races live. Been to a couple of F1 GPs in the US, Canada, and Spain; and I tell people you “haven’t lived” until you hear, smell, and “feel” the power and noise of 20 F1 cars speeding past you. I also have a Motorpsort photography blog that you may be interested in looking at, which mainly focuses on endurance sports car racing (e.g. N24, Le Mans), but hope to get to more F1 races in the near future

  12. Hey, Will

    Just a short note pass on my thoughts about you and the NBC broadcast of F1. I’m pretty pleased with it so far. Your contribution to the broadcast is under utilized in my opinion. If you want it you should be a major part of an F1 broadcast team soon. Great work.


  13. Just watched your special on Ferrari…brilliant…brought back a lot of memories of going to Monza and then to Maranello, albeit without your same level of access. This season is going to be fabulous. Thanks for doing such great work.

  14. Just watched the Ferrari special. You’re my hero; you’ve done just what I would want to do. Excellent work, accurately conveying the real Passion of desire which emanates from Ferrari and permeates us fans. Pure Lust.
    Thanks so much,

    • Will,

      Just watched the Ferrari special for the second time. You should do a special like that for every F1 team. The fans want to see that perspective. You have the ultimate job!

  15. A big thank you for the superb talk you gave last night at the Queens Hotel on Cheltenham. Your in depth knowledge and passion for the people of Motorsport really made an excellent presentation.

  16. Will, thanks for your passion and dedication to the sport. Your Ferrari program was truly special. Your enthusiasm flowed through the TV, allowing us all to enjoy it with you.

  17. I just had the pleasure of watching Road to Ferrari. What an amazing program. I felt your passion, honesty and excitement the whole trip. You should make a series of it and experience more of the “classics”. Road to Lamborghini; Road to Corvette, Jaguar, Lotus, etc. If you need a co-pilot, crew member, luggage carrier, car duster, anything, I would love to be part of something like that, even just once. I read online some people were not pleased by your “fashion” during the program, especially during the last interview. I felt that made it more real and showed you as you. It would not have had the same effect if you were walking around in a suit the whole time. Keep up the excellent work and great job! Thank you.

    • Too much boring GP2 history in a practice session, on the weekend of the championship’s 200th race. Everyone of which I have been a part of in one capacity or another. I’ll take the call on that if that’s ok?

  18. With Mark Webber retiring last year and Kimi possibly next year, there could be opportunity for new drivers to move on the grid. At some point could you rank the drivers in the lower level series; such as Wickens, Palmer, Nasr, Frijins, Sainz, and Rossi.Or a top 10 list of your drivers who deserve a chance.

  19. I have just read your article about Canamassas… I couldnt agree more. How he keeps getting away with what he does is not only unbelievable but extremely dangerous. I also feel as though we are waiting for “the big one”, and think action needs taking now. Not a motorsport ban, but a substantial suspension and rehabilitation…..

  20. Hi Will, really enjoyed the two “Road To:” shows. I thought you did an excellent job surrounded by such motorsport royalty, although I’m no expert just an expert fan. I would love to buy DVDs of the shows for gifts for best friends. Any word on a DVD release? Thanks, David

  21. Thanks for the Lewis blog. Captured so much of the last 8 years. I was there at silverstone in 2006 and I was there at the US GP a couple of weeks ago. I hope he wins this weekend and becomes the double world champ he deserves to be. I was right where he stopped in the parade lap at the COTA and it was clear that he still want to engage with fans – in a sport that often overlooks the fans it is that separates him above the field.
    Thanks for another great season of in race in sight on NBC.

  22. Hey I just wanted to say thanks for all the time that you were on Twitter. I started following you on your account back in ’09. For someone who had never been to an F1 race you really made it real. Back then, not that many people had a Twitter account and beening able to see what happened in the pits and all the information that you provided was really something special. Since then I have been to an F1 race in Montreal and just missed you guys at the pub for your party where Mr. Fake Charlie Whiting joined you with his lovely wife. I have to say it was really classy that even when you didn’t see eye to eye was someone online, you stuck to the facts. My love of F1 has grown over the years and I do associate some of that with the people that I do follow on Twitter. Sad to see you go but totally understand the reasons. All the best to you.

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