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Will Buxton is the Formula 1 pit reporter for NBC and NBCSN in the United States of America.

A motorsport journalist for the last decade, English-national Buxton also spent three years heading up PR for the GP2 Series, a championship on which he now provides international commentary and analysis for a variety of global television networks as the commentator for the FOM world feed.

Buxton began his career as a journalist while still at University. He cut his teeth covering the University of Leeds (UK) Formula Student team, and whilst writing his Political Studies Thesis on “The Politics of Formula 1″ began writing monthly feature articles for Joe Saward at www.grandprix.com.

On graduation, Buxton was given his first break into full-time journalism by David Tremayne at Formula 1 Publishing’s Official Formula 1 Magazine. Buxton was employed as Staff Writer at the magazine until its closure in February 2004, at which point he embarked on a season as a freelance hack. Taking the old school route, Buxton decided to spend the 2004 season living in a campervan, driving from race to race and staying in the fan campsites at every European F1 event that year. It was to be an unforgettable experience and one which still shapes his writing style.

At the end of 2004 Buxton was offered the role of Press Officer for the newly formed GP2 Series. He leapt at the chance and after one year in the job was promoted to Director of Communications for the championship. He stayed with GP2 until the end of the 2007 season, when an opportunity to return to his first love of journalism arose.


In 2008 Buxton returned to full-time journalism as Editor of the newly launched GPWeek virtual magazine. Under Buxton’s Editorship the magazine quickly established itself as a reliable and entertaining source of motorsports news and in two years under his guidance went from being a concept to a hugely popular weekly magazine with 10 million page hits at its peak in 2009, before his departure for a move into television at the end of the season.

Also in 2009, Buxton started providing commentary for the world feed of the GP2 and GP2 Asia Series for Formula One Management. His work came to the attention of SPEED channel and in 2010 he was appointed the channel’s new pit reporter, making his debut for the station at the fourth round of the championship in China after taking the first three rounds off to be at home for the birth of his daughter. After three hugely enjoyable and successful seasons with SPEED, the broadcast rights for Formula 1 moved to NBC for the 2013 season, and Buxton will continue his role as F1 pit reporter as the sport begins its new life on NBC and NBCSN. In addition to his work in the Formula 1 pitlane, Will has also been invited to be a part of the NBCSN broadcast team on a number of its Indycar races, including the qualifying shows for the Indianapolis 500.


Buxton is a fully accredited Journalist and attends every Formula 1 Grand Prix. At the F1 2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, he made his first appearance as the interviewer in the televised Formula 1 press conference and in 2010 added to his FOM commentary duties by taking on the role as commentator for the world feed of the newly established GP3 series, alongside his GP2 and SPEED work.

2013 sees Buxton enter his second decade of full-time employment within the motorsport industry.

A freelance journalist with a flair and passion for writing, Buxton is a full member of the Guild of Motoring Writers, Editor at Large of GP International magazine and sits on the FIA Media Communications Group, formerly known as The Press Council.


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  1. Hi it is harry. You gave me the priceless opportunity to work with the GP2 team in 2006. That was the best experience. I am very grateful for your help to arrange that.

    Well, the sports performance company is off the hook. I am working all sorts of people from professional cyclists to boxers.

    From when I spoken to you in 2006, I can remember you saying, go for opportunity not security. That alone has stood with me and I am very grateful for your priceless advice.

    I hope you and the family are well and I hope we can catch up soon

    harry takhar

      • Thank you Kimi – I agree! First he hated Schumi, now he hates you – it looks like his hate changes, but is steady and most likely based on some kind of jealousy, not earning enough, not important enough…

        • I don’t recall Will EVER hating Schu. I do recall him saying a few truths about what happened on track that were looked upon pretty poorly by the rest of the F1 world.
          I also recall, many times, Buxton heaping praise on the man. Just as he has done with Kimi.

          • You guys are morons. Will has one of the best jobs in the world and he has a blast doing it! He ALWAYS catches things WAY before the SKY team…I watch both broadcasts simultaneously and honestly…the American broadcast is on par or better than the Sky team (exc all the commercials)…and that’s down to Will. The way he treated the Bianchi crash last weekend was touching and emotional and perfectly handled. We love you Will!

    • I was intrigued by you note that Lewis has won in every F1 season.. Has anyone else achieved this feat? Of course few have the benefit of a winning car in their first season. Think Alonso at Minardi, for example. I thought Jackie Stewart might be a contender as he won for BRM in his first season in 1965, but despite winning again in 66 and throughout his Tyrell years of 68 to 73, he had 67 with the infamous H16 BRM.

      If we insert the words FULL SEASON into the quote we get near with Michael, but only if we ignore his comeback! After his short season of 91, he had a remarkable 15 years of always winning. But the only contender is Fangio who won in every season, except 1958 when he retired after 2 races.

      Even so, Lewis may yet spend his last few years in a poor car and not win!

  2. Can’t wait to see/hear you on SPEED Will!

    I’ve read various bits and pieces that you’ve written over the years and I’m sure you’ll bring a great new perspective to American fans who I’m sure you will find very welcoming.

    Or at least I did when I moved here from Australia! :)

    • Haha, thanks Ian!

      As the man who took me to my first F1 weekend, you played a pretty huge role! I still remember us discussing a certain young Brazilian in the car that morning. He was called Rubens and we thought might hang around in the sport for a while. Turns out we weren’t wrong.

      Hope you and the family are well.

  3. Just wanted to say as an American F1 fan you are doing a great job on the Speed TV coverage. It is great to watch and you are a great addition to the team.

  4. While I generally enjoy your contributions to the SPEED telecast, it’s readily apparent that you have a tremendous dislike for Michael Schumacher. Which, of course, is certainly your right. But it wouldn’t hurt to try to keep that out of the broadcasts.

    • Hi Harry

      Sorry you feel like that. I have to say that I really don’t have any negative bias towards Michael and I’m sorry if it seems that I do. I think that as a seven time world champion my expectations of him are perhaps that much higher than of the other drivers. He needs to set an example, so if I am overly harsh on him it is only because I expect so much from him… because he’s one of the best in the business.

  5. Will Buxton is the “Mary Hart” of F1 “journalism”. The quality of SPEED’s F1 coverage has suffered as a result of his gossippy rumor-mongering. I guess this passes for journalism in the UK, but in the US it’s called “Tabloid”…

    I don’t care to know anything about Will Buxton. I’m not interested in Will Buxton. I am tired of having decent F1 coverage ruined by Will Buxton.

    Will Buxton Will Buxton Will Buxton. Hooray, he’s famous now.


    • And yet you care enough to search out my blog, read the “About” section, and then leave that comment. Seems a bit of a waste of time if you really don’t care, doesn’t it?

      But thank you for your valuable insight and constructive criticism.

          • ^^^ THAT is the most amazing reply. Good for you Will. I love hearing your insightful commentary during the races. I hate when people say to be like somebody else; if you like them so much go read their blogs. keep up the good work sir!

  6. I totally disagree with Dave Read. Will is excellent and knows his subject. Over the years I’ve done F1 TV work myself so I know just how difficult it is to get two coherent sentences out of the drivers.Ralf Schumacher (who he?) was a classic . Will’s is a perfect example of being in the right place at the right time. Good-bye old mate Peter Windsor, hello Will. Keep up the good work.
    Andrew Frankl, Grand Prix- Editor FORZA

  7. Hello Will,

    We worked together briefly at F1 magazine, I was the work experience ‘extra’ around when the magazine was canned. Great to read your bio, you really stuck to your guns and its taken you to great places so far. Keep up the great work and I hope you’re enjoying fatherhood.

    All the Best,


  8. Will – I have just finished reading the beautiful piece you wrote for SpeedTV.com on the Senna movie. All I can say is thank you. Clearly, he was a hero to many of us and I can only imagine the emotional roller coaster of this film. I eagerly await its release in the States. I spent the better part of my adult life in the Motorsports world, and have been fortunate to become friendly with many of Senna’s inner circle and rivals on the track, and to the person, they all have the same observation……”genius”. Thank you again for reminding me why I too, woke up at 4:30am in California every other Sunday when I was young to watch my hero. Grazie.

  9. I honestly didn’t think Speed would find a pit lane reporter as talented and knowledgeable as Windsor.

    I stand corrected and pleasantly so.

    Keep up the great work, Will.

  10. Will, my wife and I enjoyed 2010 season with you on Speed F1. Keep up the great work. I’ve noticed the old farts, I meant colleagues, trying to make sly comments here and there but you keep doing your thing! They are the ones making mistakes.

  11. Will, looking forward to another season of your hard hitting commentary and inside info that you bring to the Speed broadcast.

    Are you guys as excited as me that F1 finally will be in HD this year?

  12. Will, I was wondering if i could ask you a few quick questions for a paper that I am writing about Formula 1?

    Cant wait for the new season,

    David Kendall

  13. Hi Will,

    I should of realised how far you would go when on our politics trip to Paris we missed most of the second half of the lecture as you would not leave the Ferrari shop.

    Glad things are going well for you, and your doing what you have always wanted to do, good on you

  14. Will, I love watching F1 on Speed – keep up the good work! Your conversations with drivers pre-race are the most valuable part of the coverage!! I’m trying to become a journalist myself.. hopefully I’ll see you on the grid one day!

  15. Will, Great commentary from the pit lane. I really thought I was going to miss Peter, but you have come through for SpeedTV just great, thank you. While I have your ear, I read your piece about Williams next year, it would be great to see the old colors (colours for you) back on the grid, but that leads me to make a point about all your colleagues talking about the Vettel Pole snatching the record from Sir Nigel. He had the distinct advantage of an active car when he set all these records Vettel did not. I feel it takes far more driver skill to drive the cars of today, then the fully active Newey car of then. That’s why it was banned going forward and we didn’t hear much of Mansel afterward? I’m not saying that Nigel wasn’t a good driver, but he had a tremendous advantage of the active car. So what if Vettel has a few more races to try for the record, I believe this is an equalizer? Let’s hear this discussion with your chaps in the booth?

    Thanks for all you do, it’s like having us on the grid with you.


  16. Hi Will
    I’ve only really come across your work in the last 12 months or so with commentary for the F1 support races and following you on Twitter, but you’ve never failed to impress me with your enthusiasm and love for the sport (plus you’re not afraid to speak your mind). At times, your commentary for GP3/GP2 is like having a friend there talking about the race as it happens, and I can’t think of a better way to watch them.

    It’s fascinating to read how you made your way from covering Formula Student at Leeds Uni, writing articles, travelling around Europe and working your way up the ladder. I’m hoping to try and make a career in motorsport myself after I finish my German degree at Leeds, and I’ll be spending the next 14 months working abroad for a company doing motorsport journalism/translation. Seeing what you managed to achieve has given me hope that it’s possible for me to achieve my own goals and dreams!

    Keep up the excellent work.


  17. Nothing since Conner Daly at Valencia? Based on today’s comments you could write 1000 words on the BRDC construction incompetence in no time. I enjoy your grid walk and your always deadly insights. Keep the blog up to though.

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  19. Hey Will, I was one of the people that came up and asked “What are you doing here?” at Sonoma. You were very nice to me and my friend Hanne, who had you sign her Spa metal sign. I’m the guy that gave you the Firehawk t -shirt. Glad you had a great time in our slice of racing heaven here in North California, and it was nice to find out that Will Buxton is a good bloke.

    Have a great time at Spa.

  20. Hi Will,
    Thanks for your wonderful GP2 commentary (and Jerome) on Star Sports. I am a long time supporter of all car racing, but as a Brit now working in Hong Kong, so I don’t get to actually attend as many races as i would like. So your work on GP2 (and GP3) I really look forward to.One event I do manage to see every year is the Singapore GP, and I am really thrilled that GP2 is coming to town. Watch out for Felipe Nasr! Jerome said in the Spa commentary that Singapore is new for everyone. That is not quite true. I distinctly remember Felipe taking part as a guest driver in the (now defunct) Formula BMW Asia race, after he had won the Euro series.That circuit knowledge could be useful, as it is a tough track….. Keep up the great work… Alan

  21. Will, If you were the commentator for the GP3 race won by Mitch Evans you did an excellent job. Great knowlege, passion and enthusiasm. I am sure you will be commentating the Formula One races one day.

    Hopefully we are seeing the start of the next Kiwi world champion following in the steps of Bruce Mclaren

  22. Will, my son and I truly enjoy you and your commentary each session on Speed. We are very hopeful that we will run into you in Austin! We will be there early and are staying late, so hopefully we can meet some important people and hang out with exciting f1 people like you. Best. Scott from Olympia, WA. (mx567@comcast.net)

  23. Hey Will,

    Just wanted to say that wherever you end up next year, It’s somewhere I can watch/listen. You have been magnificent, both in print and on TV. I follow your twitter religiously, even though I don’t even have one of my own. You bring an energy and alertness not often seen with sports reporters and you are hands down my favorite motorsports reporter ever. Best of luck, Will. You are the man, stay strong.


  24. Hello Will

    Ferrari Strategist idiot

    Why didn’t Ferrari Just leave Alonso <1 up on second so that button so drs could stay activated on Buttons car and keep V(F)ettle in fourth. Did alonso really think he could pass Kimi before the end of the race. It was a 5 percent chance to win compared to a 75% probablility button could keep Vettle behind with use of his DRS. Duhhh. I could believe it when I saw Alonso opening up the gap. Points given away. Good work Will on the broadcast. Maybe they need a Hungarian strategist instead.


  25. Will, just wanted to echo many of the above comments… As an avid motor racing fan I watch as much as I can (much to my girlfriend’s chagrin but hoorah for MotorsTV!) and have done so for many years (and participated at a club level for a few years) and can whole heartedly say that your commentary is as good as it gets. The information and excitement you convey is second to none – excellent, keep up the great work :-)


  26. Hi Will – welcome to the U.S.! Can’t wait to read/hear your race comments and colorful stories for this weekend. You are our eyes and ears on the ground in Austin!

  27. Thanks Will for making my Formula One Seasons a wonderful experience. Your technical knowledge and passion for racing are evident everytime you voice is heard. Im a better fan of Formula One because of you!!! Thanks for asking the questions that I would have asked. I pray that you find success in Formula One. They need to give you your own TV show.

  28. Will

    Is it true you’re the Stig?

    Seriously…you’re departure from the F1 broadcast team will be missed.

    Take care my friend.

    Portland, Oregon

    Curious…did any Texan try to kick your ass for calling the Guv’nor a “jerk?”

  29. Will…..I was hoping when I first read that NBC was taking on Hobbs and Matchett for their F1 coverage, that you would be brought along, and to be part of that team. Will it happened, and I can’t tell you how happy that I am. Thoroughly enjoy your enthusiastic style during your grid walks….Best of Luck Will, and congratulations!

  30. Will,

    Congrats on landing NBC gig! To be honest, I thought was a fairly easy telegraphed move for NBC SN. Not hopefully NBC can market sport as good or better then speedtv. Btw, NBC may need to re-think listing F1 under NASCAR on there site.

  31. Hi Will,

    Once you said “my heart is in GP2″ during a coverage. I’m a full motorsports fan, and I’d like to know: will you be GP2/3 commentator this year?
    I deeply love and enjoy your comments, there always are straight, honest and right. You’re the best doing that job.

    If one day you want to give someone – a freelancer – a chance, give it to me, I won’t deceive. I’m having a blog called F1Series.fr. I’m french, so does the website.

    Keep up the magnificent job my advisor.

    Geoffrey, Reims, France

  32. Will…..any chance NBC will turn off the scrolling score ticker during F1 coverage? I think most of us have Internet access now and can find scores if we need them. Thoughts?

  33. Dear Will,
    First the shock of Speed losing F1. then the news that it’s landed with NBC Sport. The lose of the Speed team. No, only Bob. Bad news. But what about Will? I read rumors that maybe… When I read that you are a part of it I was so pleased to hear it. When Peter left I was skeptical but you soon won me over. You became a very important 1/4 of the fantastic coverage. I am happy for you and me!


    William Feil

    PS. Love the out takes.

  34. Hi Will,
    Long time F1 fan and website developer
    Would love to update your website look to one that matches your growing stature
    all the best and keep up the good work
    PM me.


  35. Any chance if you’re doing IZOD IndyCar Series for a few races this year Will?, you done a good job doing the pit reports on NBC SN and which events you’re gonna do for IndyCar

  36. Hi Will,

    With FanVision no longer available for F1, I’m interested to know how you now keep track of what’s going on out on track.

    I’m the owner of a FanVision unit (doh!), and will definitely miss using it at my first GP of the year in Spain.

    The only kind of replacement I know of is to use the official F1 Timing app on my phone. However, I am assuming that even that will not work well over 3G, without even considering the data cost!

    Any helpful tips/suggestions?

    • Great question. It is tough without fanvision, and I know FOM are working on a replacement service. For now, it’s the F1 app, which is mega. But yeah… it’s gonna eat your 3G. As it does ours.

  37. Dear Will, I admire you and your extraordinary work! It’s always a pleasure to read you. I’m working on a F1 Art project, and I would love to send u more info, can I? Thank you

    Greetings from México!

    Paulina Olivares Neumann

  38. I’ve watched F1 nearly all of my life both in person and on TV. For me, F1 was always going to be Murray Walker’s commentary and James Hunt or Martin Brundle’s comments. Since I’ve lived in the States for nearly four years I have to say what a great job you and the rest of the team are doing with F1 coverage. I thought your Monaco programs were superb, even if I was more than a little jealous of you being there! Keep up the good work Will.

  39. Hi Will,

    I have run a formula 1 blog and am hoping someday to become a journalist. I was wondering if I could interview you about journalism and your personal story of becoming a journalist, as well as a little bit about F1. It would be a great opportunity and mean a lot to me. I can’t tell you how much you make the NBC coverage of F1 come alive with your enthusiasm. It is a breath of fresh air.

    Let me know if you’re up for it and get back to me if you can. Thanks.

  40. Congratulations Will on upping your game this year, well done! You’re far more professional and I really enjoy your extraordinary knowledge, wonderful vocabulary and insightful commentary. You’ve come a long way and I look forward to hearing from you every race. Kudos’

  41. Will, I’ve always appreciated your insight and enthusiasm ever since your first appearance on USA television. When I heard Speed lost F1 to NBC I immediately wrote NBC numerous times telling them what a significant component of the team you were (original NBC PR release did not mention WB) and they had better include you. Thanks to NBC Sports, Leigh, David, Steve and you for the brilliant and entertaining broadcasts.

  42. Hi Will,
    I’m a big fan!

    I’m Sam by the way, from awinningpersonality.com, please check out our blog. I run it with my two friends, Merieke and Nathalie – really talented writers.

    Our blog is about the science and psychology of winning. It’s quite new and we’re aiming at posting a couple of article per week. One of the articles we’re really proud of is this one, written by Merike: http://www.awinningpersonality.com/2013/10/courage-change-plans/. What are your thoughts on it?

    I love your work, Will and admirer you. I also really like your willthef1journo blog.

    Would you want to look into doing a piece or mentioning our ‘Courage To Change The Plan’ article on the blog?

    Since our blog is still quite new, we try and look at blogs like yours to get inspiration. This means we respect your professional opinion, so any feedback would be really appreciated :)

    Hope yo hear from you!

  43. I appreciate the racers trying to honour American history I.e. Steve McQueen decals and Michael Jackson decals on the drivers’ helmets but I don’t understand why Mr. Buxton is trying to look like a 70’s porn star…however, we do thoroughly enjoy his pit row coverage!

  44. Will, Thanks so much for your blog. I am an F1 fan primarily because my husband watches it all, and I want to share it with him, and also know what he’s talking about. I don’t have the patience to read most F1 commentary: I have little interest in technical nuances, and even less interest in fan ravings, but your writing is so intelligent, thoughtful, and insightful, that I feel smarter everytime I read your posts. I love your insider views and assessments that include the harsh reality that F1 is a business. You are a great asset to the American F1 scene. Keep up the great work!

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  46. Loved the Road to Ferrari show. It conjured up new emotions and passion for the legendary brand, far exceeding any prior feelings and respect that I thought I had. Truly an amazing and eye opening experience. Off to the 12 hour of Sebring this weekend with a totally new perspective of the scuderia. Many thanks for sharing….

  47. Dear Will,

    Couple of weeks ago we released F1 Banter app for iPhone and iPad. F1 Banter is dedicated for all F1 fans, who want to stay in touch with latest news and socialise with other F1 die-hearts, using Twitter integration. App can be downloaded from:


    We would be very grateful if you could send us your opinion on the product. App costs 0,89 € but for evaluation purposes we will provide you free code that will allow you to download the app for free.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,
    F1 Banter Team

  48. Will, you have the best job in the world and I’m insanely jealous. So much so, I may track you down and eat your heart, just to absorb your mojo.

    In all seriousness, I look forward to your segments at every race and best of all, you make it look easy (tho’ we know it ‘taint).

  49. Hi Will

    Just catching up with your ever-enthusiastic GP2 coverage. I know you always say maths isn’t your strong point, but I have to (in a friendly way) point out a failure with your English (sorry). You said that Johnny Cecotto didn’t want to “heed” track position to Daniel Abt at the start of the session, but you meant that he didn’t want to ‘cede’ (pronounced the same as ‘seed’) track position. Tsk tsk tsk ;-) Sorry, I really can’t help being a pedant :-D

    Anyway, I look forward to catching tomorrow’s race when I get home from work, so have a good one!


  50. I have just enjoyed “The Road to Ferrari” and wish to thank you and the team who created that. It’s the best such content I have ever seen – I was delighted, deeply touched, and chuckling at various points. – Charlie

  51. What a great treat to finally meet you at Hurley’s pub over the GP weekend. The David Coulthard signed watch from TW steel is fantastic. How lucky are we the fans to have someone who is willing to spend time with fans of F1. Hope to see you at Spa later in the year. Thank you, Daniel

  52. Will,
    You wrote your university thesis on the “Politics of Formula 1″. Are you saying there are politics in Formula 1? I’m amazed.
    We were so concerned when SpeedTV F1 coverage morphed into NBCsports, but after the first broadcast (when we, watching later in California, saw the race results crawl along the bottom of the introductory screen) it has been great fun.
    We heartily appreciate all the work you and your mates put into the production.
    Very best wishes,
    (ps – Loved the photo of you with Damon Hill – he has always been a true gentleman. . . .we named our son for his father, also a gentleman.)

  53. Great reporting at silverstone last week! Any predictions for germany? My girlfriend and I enjoy your commentary on nbc, especially when you speak your mind. I work weekends, so we record practice, qualifying and the race and watch it all on tuesday and wednesday. I almost spit my beer out laughing when you commented on pastors penalty being richly deserved. (cant recall which race)

  54. Will, great job as usual. You’ve really come into your own this year. Your enthusiasm is addicting. Favor: since the network makes it impossible to just send them an email, can you PLEASE ask them to stop showing results even before the F1 broadcast of F1, Indycars, etc. Several times they’ve given the winner away while I watched one and recorded the other. Thanks much!

  55. Buxton, like your work…HOWEVER…how long are you guys going to ignore the childlike actions and attitudes by these rich kid F1 drivers on the podium? With their own teammates! Now we have Hamilton/Rosberg…last few yrs. we had the Red Bull guys…and before that it was Ferrari…what a bunch of clowns to make the podium and TOTALLY ignore their teammate…they should be fined…

  56. Will,
    I just created my first Motorsport blog, which is years overdue. The same goes for finding your blog, which I’m glad to see shows even more that you are true to your voice and style for covering this great sport in a manner that is very real – very genuine.

    I’m looking forward to this year’s USGP and possibly getting the chance to say hello to you again. I met you, no, said hello, rather, and thanked you for your work just before your grid walk at the inaugural USGP at COTA. Granted, I was working in a role that was not very memorable, but the experience of being on the front straight and looking up and seeing you preparing for the cameras to go live was unforgettably surreal!

    In the future I hope to be covering F1 and Motorsport in a journalistic manner that will assuredly have taken a few cues from yours.

    Hope to see you at COTA and genuinely meet you to shake your hand to thank you again for the great work you do.

    USGP Austin

  57. Will,
    You are wholly valuable & funny.
    Your colleagues & teams speak of “a dirty track” – not used – is there truly no ‘jet’ propulsion machine which can arrive before FP1 and clear the dust/debris?
    Houston tx

    See you w/Philip in November.

  58. Will, PLEASE answer this quick question for me:

    Back when you were working at SPEED, I noticed you wearing a large black watch. It looked awesome to me because the entire round face of the watch was digital/lcd, YET it was designed to look 100% analog. Can you please tell me the brand/model of that watch?

    I’m a huge fan of all the great work you do covering F1!… All the best,

  59. Will,

    I am a lifelong fan of F1 and being in the US the early years of coverage was a bit lacking. But with you and the guys at NBC/Speed I feel we are getting the best coverage in the world. I love your grid walks, your no holds barred questions to drivers and team owners during and after the race, and I love your blog with insight into the world of F1. The one about Kimi’s struggles this year was great!
    Living in Michigan I was close enough to Indy to be able to attend all the races there but Austin is so far away that I said I should just go to Europe to see a race. Well that dream came true last weekend and I got to attend one at the best track of them all, Spa. Thanks to a friend who lives in Belgium I had tickets along the front straight at about P3 on the grid but I also spent a lot of my time during the weekend walking about taking it all in. Made me realize how fun your job must be traveling around to all these races. I am sure it could get tiring and would be difficult being away from family but still worth it.
    It was fun to see you walking about on the grid and fun to elbow my friend and say, “That’s Will Buxton, the face of F1 for us in the US!” So that brings me to my question, what were you doing in this picture?

    Checking the weather, texting your wife, or texting driver publicists to set up interviews as you walk down the grid? :)
    If the link does not work have a close look at my profile picture as I could not paste a picture here.

    Keep up the great work!

  60. Will, I love the program you did in Budapest, the one you interview Bianchi and visit Instant Bar. I also love Budapest a lot and it is also my absolutely favorite city. Your coverage of F1 is second to none, we and NBCSN are so so lucky to have you to cover F1 for us. Your interview technique is always to the point and your non-race program is always fun to watch. Keep up the good work :)

  61. Will, thank you for your extremely professional coverage of the Bianchi crash as yesterday’s Suzuka race. We could immediately tell by the somber tone of your voice that something serious had happened. Totally appropriate, and Diffey, Hobbs, and Matchett followed your lead by immediately focusing on what was important – the condition of Bianchi, not the race results, etc.

    Much appreciated,

  62. I am disappointed that I will not hear you commentate on GP2 again, you have been wonderful to listen too, very informative; insightful and your genuine enthusiasm is evident. Good luck with your future endeavors and may your life be filled with happiness, thank you for sharing your joy of the sport.

  63. My husband and I have just finished watching two of your shows, Road To Ferrari and Road To Mercedes and have thoroughly enjoyed them both. You were knowledgeable and passionate about your subject and you seem to be a personable guy with an easy listening style. We loved it, thank you so much Will, we’ll be looking for more !

  64. I agree about the “Road To” programs. Both are very informative, and its great to see two people who are so passionate about Motorsports getting this opportunity. It is obvious how much they appreciate the opportunity they have been granted (or earned). Keep up the great work Will-Always a pleasure to watch you. I will look for you again in Austin!

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