Yesterday’s article seems to have caused some extreme reactions. Not for the argument put forward but for the manner in which I did so and in particular for a reference made in the first paragraph.

I want to apologise to anyone who was offended by it and furthermore to explain that it was in no way levelled towards the wonderful fans of this sport nor to the majority of fan blog sites who do such a fine job of promoting interest and sparking debate on F1.

I had become frustrated after the race with a small minority of blogs which claim insider knowledge, who had been spreading a rumour which I believed to be closer to an outright lie. Because these minority of bloggers have an avid readership who take what they write to be fact, the suggestion of underhand tactics then itself became cemented in the mind of the readers who trust those sites to provide the truth. And that annoyed me.

It annoyed me to the point where my own professionalism dipped. I should have sat on what I had written, thought about it and made an edit. But I didn’t. I hit the send button. Hindsight is always 20:20. But for me, the Internet is written in ink. I will not go back and edit what has been posted just as I could not if it had been published in a newspaper.

Of course by lowering my own tone I naturally damaged any authority my words might have hoped to carry. It made me look like the pontificating wanker. Hands held up. Guilty as charged.

So, again folks, my apologies. My words were in no way aimed at you. We’re all fans after all, and sometimes our emotions get the better of us.