Last year I wrote a blog about the Lotus name mess, and how Tony Fernandes could still have called his squad Lotus, even if Group Lotus had won the legal battle over the use of the name in Formula 1.

My solution, as silly as it seemed, was for Tony to simply bring on board Lotus sanitary products or Lotus Bakeries as a team supplier and give them team naming rights. Thus he could call his team whatever he wanted, and preface it with the word Lotus.

Well, look what I spied in the Team Lotus hospitality unit this morning… next to the coffee machine. And no, I don’t think my silly suggestion was taken seriously or that Team Lotus will try to remain as Lotus next season. I think we’re all pretty much sure that if the teams can agree unanimously to the change, then green Lotus will become Caterham and black Lotus will stay Lotus.

Still, it made me smile…

Lotus at Lotus