F1 and road cars. As the old adage says, win on the Sunday, sell on the Monday. It has long been true that road car manufacturers have sought to increase public awareness and confidence in their brand through success on track, but a video I’ve just been sent appears to suggest that Sebastian Vettel and Infiniti, for whom he is an ambassador, could be about to take this to new lengths.

The video was shot on location at the Geneva Motorshow, and shows the reigning world champion in deep conversation with Infiniti’s head of design Shiro Nakamura.

Listen to what they say, the discussions they’re having. All the car’s functions through a steering wheel. A driver encased and surrounded with everything in carbon fibre. Precision. Detail. It’s what F1 is all about.

In a few weeks time it is the Frankfurt Motorshow and the web has been awash with rumours of what Infiniti is going to unveil. While they aren’t giving the game away just yet… could it be this? A road car, whose design process has been influenced not only through the experience of working with a championship winning F1 team, but through the advice and partnership of their lead driver and the reigning world champion to bring the experience of sitting in the cockpit of an F1 car onto the roads?

A Vettel Infiniti? Watch this space.