Something got me thinking in Monaco, and it’s something I hope you can help me with.

This whole BrawnGP domination thing… is it exciting for you, the fans, or is it a bit dull?

The reason that I ask is that there is pretty much universal delight in F1 circles that we’ve got new teams winning races in 2009. The BrawnGP story is a fairytale, and seeing JB up on the top step of the podium is something we’re all really enjoying. He’s done his time, taken the knocks, and come out smiling as he finally reaps the success his talent and hard work deserves.

But outside the paddock, I wonder how this is all viewed? Are you enjoying watching this season’s racing, or, to your mind, has the domination of the likes of Ferrari and McLaren simply been replaced with the domination of another team? With five out of six wins going to Brawn and JB, is there a risk that 2009 is actually becoming a bit of a bore at home?

Personally I don’t think it is, and I don’t think that it would be seen like that… but you never know. That’s why I’m interested in finding out…