“App” has become the new mot du jour in F1. Ever since the good folk at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi sent all us journos an iPod touch with their media kit on it, we’ve been downloading Apps from the iStore like crazy.

Current favourites are the Mr T App called “iPity” (Genius!) which selects random BA Baracus quotes, the lightsaber App that allows every grown up child to pretend they’re really a Jedi, and, my personal favourite, a Guitar App that allows you to strum away on the flights to the races. It is mega.

But finally, an App that may actually be genuinely useful has arrived on the market, rather than just useful in the sense of taking up time and making me laugh.

It’s an official F1 Timing App. And it’s awesome!

I was given a sneak peek of the technology in Monaco by former BAR Operations Director, ex Vice President of Honda Motorsport, and genuinely all round good chap, Otmar Szafnauer, whose brilliant idea this App was. He got the rights to use the F1 logo and all the official timing from Bernie, got the right peoplearound him and voila, here we are.

It’s not just like the live timing like you get on F1.com. It’s way better. It’s circuit maps, driver and team details and, the coolest bit of all, a 3D map of the circuit with coloured dots that represent every F1 driver, circulating the track exactly as they are in the race. That’s right, it is realtime. Want to know where Hamilton’s come out of the pits in the race and the TV’s missed it? No worries, just watch the App and you’ll see exactly where he is. Zoom in and out, google earth style, and watch the race unfold in realtime before your very eyes.

Available for iPod touch and iPhone, this is one App you really have to get your hands on.

Its a couple of quid per race, and, I think, a very worthwhile investment.

Just click HERE to open the istore and download!

Go on, what are you waiting for?