Jules Bianchi Singapore GP 2014 c/o James Moy Photography

Jules Bianchi
Singapore GP 2014
c/o James Moy Photography

Last night I received a comment to this blog which I found so moving and so full of hope, I wanted to share it with you. With its author’s permission, here it is:

Dear Will

I think of Jules nearly every day and pray for his full recovery. My first introduction to Jules was your excellent interview with him that aired the evening before the Japanese Grand Prix. I was very impressed with Jules character and humility, and of course his skill and promising future as an F1 racing driver. Because of your connection with Jules and his Family, I thought of sharing this information with you, and you may choose, if you feel it provides relevant encouragement, to share this with Jules family. They need positive encouragement to keep the faith and continue to believe in the possibility of a full recovery for Jules.

Our story is a long and painful one, as with Jules, our son Mike (age 26 at the time of his injuries) was seriously injured (nearly fatal) in a car wreck. His diagnosis was Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), specifically Diffuse Axonal Injury (DAI). Mike’s prognosis was 90% death or if he survived then his medical prognosis was life in a Permanent Vegetative State.

I am writing to you because, for our family, among the most encouraging times during Mike’s recovery was first hand news and knowledge of others who survived the dreaded DAI diagnosis. I realize from firsthand experience that every TBI is different and the miraculous recovery for our son Mike may be an exception to the “rule”. But the encouragement of this possibility is what Jules’ family needs to persist through Jules long recovery process.

Mike’s story, 6 years post injury now, has evolved into a beautiful story of full recovery, marriage on the one year anniversary of the accident, his graduation with a Master’s degree in business (MBA) two years after the wreck, and a wonderfully productive life now that defies the original dreaded DAI – Permanent Vegetative State prognosis.

Today is Thanksgiving Day, November 27th in the US, and our family is celebrating our thankful blessings. Top on our list is Mike’s full recovery, and our family prays for Jules and his family, and most importantly for Jules full and complete recovery.


Mike’s dad,

Michael Marion


For a glimpse into the public view of Mike’s recovery, visit this website: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/mikemarion