Get Ready to Rock


The 2013 US Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, is almost upon us. If you’re booked in to attend the event, you have an amazing few days coming up in your life. Austin is the most brilliant city, and with college football and F1 both playing at home over the weekend, it’s going to be an absolutely massive sporting weekend in this incredible part of Texas.

Last season, with F1’s return to the US, and in association with The Austin Grand Prix, we launched Buxton’s BIG TIME Bash: an evening of friends and fundraising for Meals on Wheels and More, hosted by yours truly. The concept was simple… to develop the tweet-ups I’d been running for the past few years and make the event a bit bigger and a bit more enjoyable.

Last year’s event at Fado Irish Pub was hugely a successful evening where F1 fans and friends came out to celebrate the return of Formula 1 to America. Guests enjoyed a karaoke contest where the two best competitors were awarded stunning watches by TW STEEL.

Both Austin Grand Prix and I were beyond impressed with the generosity of the guests in attendance: $2,135.25 was raised for the Austin non-profit organization, Meals on Wheels and More, right before the Thanksgiving holiday. Meals on Wheels provides a range of services to those in need, including daily nutrituous meal delivery to home-bound individuals.

This year, we have dropped the karaoke and called in one of Austin’s best live bands, in the hope to meet and beat last year’s fundraising efforts. As such we’ve organised a number of amazing door prizes to be given out. When guests donate $5 at the door for Meals on Wheels, they’ll be eligible to win one of the many prizes throughout the evening, including team merchandise, luxury items and part of an F1 car. You can donate as much as you like, with a $10 donation leading to a second entry to the prize bucket… but a maximum of two entries per guest is the limit. You can, of course, donate as much as you like.

I know I said I would never charge on the door for a tweet up or an event, but I will make one thing as clear as crystal from the outset. Every penny taken will go direct to charity. I will not take a cent of anyone’s hard earned cash. Fans pay enough for a race weekend as it is, but there are some amazing prizes donated by F1 drivers and teams to be won, and I hope $5 won’t break too many people’s budgets. My intention with the Big Bash is to turn the tweet up into something from which the local community, along with everyone that attends, can benefit.

Handing out the prizes, we hope to welcome a number of racing faces, familiar to the passionate and knowledgable US crowd.

The party will take place indoors at Speakeasy on Congress Avenue. Join me, AGP and an international F1 crowd for an evening of live entertainment, unique door prizes, special guests and a few surprises.


Buxton’s BIG TIME Bash


412 Congress Ave., Austin, Texas 78701 (On Congress Avenue, between 4th and 5th Streets)

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Doors at 7:00PM

Suggested $5 donation at the door to benefit Meals on Wheels and More

Be entered to win a fabulous door prize by making a donation at the door!

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16 thoughts on “Get Ready to Rock

  1. Reblogged this on profanef1 and commented:
    Hey! All four people who read this joint! I think one or two of you are flying or driving or hitch-hiking or train-hopping to Austin. Be sure to go, donate and say hi to Will for me!

  2. Driving from home in
    Northeast Texas via Houston. We plan to attend if we can just get to AUS in time. Should be a blast!

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  4. Hi WIll: Are you aware of the ticketing shambles that COTA has created. Many many do not have tickets delivered and are being told it will be next week. Check out the COTA FB page. This is not isolated, it is a major problem. COTA are telling lies to local media about it. Someone needs to be a real journalist and follow this up. COTA needs to address it or race is doomed in 2014. I have already decided not to attend next year – back to Montreal. And I live in Austin!

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  6. Will, I am extremely disappointed that I won’t make it to Austin in time this year. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to buy you and Ico a beer after the race? With all the set backs for excitement for this race, I sure hope its a great one!!

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