Coming to Austin?

For the past few seasons, I’ve hosted a tweet up at the Canadian Grand Prix. It proved to be so much fun and so popular, I thought we’d go one further in Austin and have one huge blowout. It’s an F1 meet and greet with a difference. No Q&As, leave your bobble hats at home. We are going to have fun and celebrate F1 coming back to the States in the only way I know… with a few beers and some karaoke.

The whole shebang has been put together by the wonderful folks at and will take place at Fado.

All the details are on, and you can get your name down by clicking the link below. Space is going to be limited, naturally, as the bar has a capacity of about 500. So While I really hope to see as many of you there as possible, the registration on the site can’t guarantee that the place won’t be over subscribed.

The good folks at TWSTEEL have also supplied us with some beautiful timepieces for the best male and best female vocalist of the night.

All in all, it should be huge fun.

Hope to see you all there.


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4 thoughts on “Coming to Austin?

  1. Thanks for a great broadcast over the entire weekend. I had a huge grin on my face after seeing you rock the boots and the stetson on race day. I hope that you are picked up for the new broadcast…pit lane wouldn’t be the same without your enthusiasm down there.

  2. Too bad I saw this the day I get back to Greensboro, NC.

    I has been great to hear your commentating for the past years, and I just hope that the speed team does this next year on NBC. The commentating of Bob Costas during the race sucked, he just kept taking about how cool the cars were but nothing interesting to anyone that follows F1.

  3. Was great to have a brief chat with you Will. Thanks for taking time out to meet with the fans. Was a pleasure to meet such a down to earth and fun guy who shares our passion for F1. Continued best wishes for your on air future.

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