It’s been snowing today in Italy. A lot.

So much so that the team’s Fiorano test track today looks a bit like this…

Fiorano today c/o Ferrari F1 Press Office @InsideFerrari

All of which has rather put paid to the team’s plans of running its new 2012 challenger for promotional filming at the track later this week.

With the car set to be launched on Friday February 3rd, I have it on good authority that the team is hastily adapting their 2012 challenger to cope with the weather, and that the Scuderia may in fact now launch with a heavily modified car based on concepts not seen on a Ferrari for 40 years.

And incredibly, I’ve already managed to get my hands on a spy video of the car we expect to see unveiled on Friday!

Yep, looks like the 1972 test iteration of the 312B dubbed the “Spazzaneve” or “Snow Plough” is about the team’s best shot of getting any running done this week.

UPDATE – February 2nd, 2012: Unfortunately even the Spazzaneve was unable to deal with the arctic conditions and Ferrari has been forced to cancel not only its promotional filming but also the launch event for its 2012 contender (NB – this part of the story is actually real.)