Romain Grosjean - Abu Dhabi Young Driver test 2011 c/o

Much is being written at the moment about Lotus’ reactive ride height system and how it could change the playing field in 2012.

Essentially a development of the J Damper system seen a few years back, there have been numerous explanations online, which have gone into some depth about the technicalities of the RRS and of the J Damper… some, such as this one, mind bogglingly so.

Today I was talking to my SPEED channel colleague and tech whizz Mr Steve Matchett, and he gave me perhaps the simplest and by far the best explanation I have yet heard on the technology.

Buckle up kids, here goes…

“J-damper: one bouncy thing offsets another bouncy thing.

Reactive ride-height front suspension: a crude version of the active ride actuators we had on the cars twenty years ago.

So there you have it. The biggest technical talking point of the 2012 F1 season so far. Sorted.

UPDATE – Doesn’t matter anymore. RRS banned.