I was tweeted a link earlier today of a track sim of the New Jersey Port Imperial F1 track, home of the Grand Prix of America, which will make its debut on the calendar in 2013. This fabulous first peek at the track was created by “nothke” on racedepartment.com

I’m sure you’ll agree that in just a few days, “nothke” has done a pretty fabulous job.

The circuit looks tremendous. Incredibly high speed, some tricky corners… it’s going to be a thriller. Colleagues I have shown it to in the media centre here in India today have all been hugely impressed, whooping that at parts it looks like Montreal, Montjuic Park, Spa and Monaco. Overall, I think the best comment I heard was this. “My God. It’s like Monza in a city.”

With a rough laptime estimate of 1:38 for a 3.2 mile track, it’s certainly not going to be slow.