Is the fro coming back?

You may remember last year I asked Lewis if there was any chance we’d see him regrow his GP2 generation afro, to which he replied there wasn’t. I wanted to start a “regrow the fro” campaign, but alas, there seemed little point.

Well, the man who currently sports what I term the “Taaj Beard” (as it looks somewhat reminiscent of the facial hair sported by the Matt Lucas comedy character Taaj Manzoor in the show “Come Fly With Me” – see images below), has apparently admitted that anything is possible with regard to his Formula 1 future… even referencing a return of the fro!

In an interview with El Mundo’s Jaime Rodriguez, Lewis, when asked if he’d ever leave McLaren, is reported to have said: “I can’t imagine it but anything’s possible, like one day I’ll let my hair grow into an afro.”

The regrow the fro campaign is gathering pace. Keep the faith people. Keep the faith.