Faster than ever? Will Merc roll out new wheel rims in Malaysia pitstops?

Morning all.

I’ve just got into the track here in Malaysia, and the issue of those Mercedes wheel rims is something that is starting to get a bit of attention.

Yesterday we touched on the 2011 Formula 1 technical regulations and whether the use of an attached wheel nut on a wheel rim would be legal or not. The general feeling is that the regulations referred to yesterday were written primarily with the intention of removing wheel “spinners” from the sport.

However what it appears Mercedes have produced would, I and others believe, be within regulation. I am also aware, however, that it is something the FIA has its eye on.

Now we just need to keep a beady eye on those Merc pitstops to see if the system’s getting a roll out this weekend.

UPDATE: I have just had confirmation from the FIA that the system shown in the photo I displayed yesterday of the MercedesGP wheel rim with wheel nut apparently attached IS legal. Well done Mercedes, now lets see if they use it, how fast it is, and how long it takes the other teams to cotton on.