“When I arrived in go karts at the top level, racing in World and European championships, he was winning all of them. I thought that the guy was a really incredible talent.”

Fernando Alonso is not a man who hands out plaudits to rivals on a whim. A double F1 world champion and one of the hardest racers of his era, only a truly special driver could merit such words from a man recently voted as the best driver in the sport by his fellow drivers. But the man he’s speaking about is not a Hamilton, a Raikkonen nor even a Schumacher.

The man who Fernando Alonso once referred to as “invincible,” is Giorgio Pantano.

Want to find out why Giorgio Pantano is, to many people in Formula 1, the greatest lost talent of his generation? Then get yourself down to the newsagent! Giorgio’s story is one of the most heartbreaking in modern motorsport and the only place you can read it, and find out why so many people rate him so highly, is in my article in the January 2011 issue of F1 Racing magazine, which is out today!

Brave the snow and get thee to a newsagent!