Senna Movie gets January 2011 US Premiere

Not too long ago I received messages from loads of you in the States asking when the new Senna movie would see the light of day over the pond. Indeed there were many of you who wondered if it would happen at all.

Worry no longer, my friends. With the release of the listings for the 2011 Sundance Film Festival came the outstanding news that “Senna” has been shortlisted in the World Cinema Documentary Competition. From almost 800 entries, “Senna” was picked as one of the 12 movies to be shown in the contest, and will thus receive its US debut in January.

The great news with this is that it will open it up to the US audience, and most importantly that it is already being taken on its artistic merits, which could allow it a far wider appeal than simply being viewed as a racing flick.

Success at Sundance would naturally lead to greater things in the States, but I could envisage the bible belt getting behind the movie. I’m not too sure of how it works in America, but I understand that there’s a Christian Film Council or suchlike. Senna’s belief in God and the many references he makes to being at one with, and at times being in the presence of, the almighty may well have resonance with such an influential group in America, and could help the film gain a wider release.

For those of you who haven’t yet seen the International trailer, here’s something to whet your whistle…

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16 thoughts on “Senna Movie gets January 2011 US Premiere

  1. That’s all very well, but who goes to the Sundance Film Festival? Does that mean it will be on some kind of general release at “indie” style movie theaters throughout the US?
    I bloody well hope so….

  2. The movie is currently playing for qualification for the Oscars. It has a 1 week run in LA and New York through next Thursday. The previews are very low key. The theater in LA is the Laemmle 5 in Encino, a dingy little arthouse multiplex in the basement of a shopping center with showings only in the mid-afternoon. I am not sure of the quality of the theater in NY. I went to a showing yesterday and was just blown away by the documentary. It sounds like it will get a propper release in the states by the end of the year, but I was quite thrilled to see it, it is an outstanding work of art.

  3. I too saw it just yesterday at the theater in Encino (about an hour drive from my house!) There was a line to get in to see it and the theater was almost full. The movie is GREAT! There was lots of images that I have never seen before (on the Internet) and the story is very well told. I sure hope it gets a general release or at least goes to DVD! I know almost every F1 fan in in the World would want to own a copy!

  4. This film needs a released in the US, i cannot wait for this film, I’ve told many friends about it and even they cant wait to see it. I hope they realize how badly people want to see this even in USA where F1 isnt huge, I do hope it doesnt go straight to dvd. Being such an important film at Sundance it truly needs to get a wide release in the states. I wouldnt mind paying to see this over and over again. I hope whoever is in charge of releasing this documentary sees this and listens to us!!!! PLEASE

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