So, the Yeongam track chaps finally sorted out some media shuttles yesterday to get us back to Mokpo, and we were dropped off downtown after a long day at the circuit.

And it was there, while searching for a licensed establishment to wet our whistles, that we came across a great big bloody boat in the middle of the restaurant district.

A big boat. In the middle of the city. Very random.

Never being ones to look a gift horse in the mouth myself, Adam Hay-Nicholls and Tom Clarkson decided that the poop deck would be the perfect place for a beer. And it was! We had a great view of the main stage in Mokpo as a Korean band got the locals going bonkers and the night was finished off with a massive firework display. I’ll give it to Korea, they may have cut it fine but they’re throwing everything at this F1 game.

Everybody say 치즈 (that's Korean for cheese!)

Standing on top of a boat, with a beer in our hands, there was only one song to sing. Get your towels ready, it’s about to go down!