I’ve been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century with the delivery of the new iphone4. And I. Am. Loving. It.

Here’s my first 24 hours in Korea courtesy of a few photos taken on my new phone.

So here’s Seoul airport…

And one of the many views of the city from the KTX train to Mokpo

Check me out with the funky sunset.

Out at dinner. Crofty about to Leeroy Jenkins a frying pan full of sausages.

No, we didn’t eat here.

The grandstands at the track this morning… looking promising.

Welcome to the paddock.

Nice and tidy. Bernie will be impressed.

As the sun starts to go down, work is still going on to complete the paddock.

The styling of some of these photos probably gives a worse impression of the place than actually being here, because it’s not all that bad. Saying that though… it is cold (by the sea) and it really isn’t finished yet. The toilets have been overflowing, there’s been some internet issues, and the media shuttles didn’t turn up to get us to the track today. Not being precious, but without a hire car we do rely on the shuttles to turn up otherwise it is kind of tough to get to work.

Overall, Korea so far has been a bit odd, but kind of fun. I guess it might be the time difference and setting your body clock from Japanese to UK to Korean time.

Track action starts tomorrow. You never know. This place might actually be ready.