In a lighter moment yesterday, I quizzed Lewis about his new face fuzz… this is essentially the conversation we had in the middle of the media scrum, so it’s not direct quotes – but you’ll get the gist.

Will: So Lewis what’s going on with the facial hair?

Lewis: Me? What about yours! What’s that thing on your chin?

Will: You can talk! What’s that thing on your chin? Guess we’re just growing older.

Lewis: Yeah, I guess. Well everyone said I had a baby face, so I had to grow some facial hair.

Will: I was watching some old GP2 footage the other day from 2006. When’s the afro coming back?

Lewis: No way man.

Will: Oh go on.

Lewis: No chance, no chance!

It was a really nice bit of banter at the start of an always enjoyable weekend. Lewis is on top form at the moment, laughing away and seeming very at ease and comfortable with life, the world and everything inspite of his team-mate having scored two wins this season. Who knows, maybe Monaco will see Lewis take his first win of the year. He is mega here, afterall.

Unfortunately, my “Regrow the Fro” campaign appears to be over before it had even begun.

Shame, really…

Come on Lewis, Regrow the Fro! (Monaco, 2006 - suttons)