Bruno and Buxton c/o Luca Bassani

Want to know what I got up to in January?

Well, apart from preparing for the imminent birth of my first child, F1 Racing was good enough to send me over to Brazil to spend a bit of time with my good mate Bruno Senna, and then flung me off to Barcelona to catch up with the Fuscia Man himself, Mr Felipe Massa.

To be honest the trip to Brazil was a dream. I grew up idolising Ayrton Senna, and to be invited by Bruno and Bianca to Ayrton’s old farm estate to link up with Bruno and to not only dig through my hero’s old stuff, but to chat with my friend about what the future holds was an honour I doubt I will be able to ever repeat. It was, quite simply, one of those moments in your life that will stay with you forever. Bruno is a talented racer, a bloody good chap and, above all, a tremendously good friend and I wish him every hope and success for 2010.

A matter of days after returning from Brazil, F1 Racing’s editor Hans called me up and asked me to ship off to Barcelona to go and have a chat with Mr Massa. I couldn’t refuse, especially as, and as those of you who are GPWeek fans will know, I interviewed Felipe 48 hours before his monster shunt in Hungary. So to be able to chat with him once again, and to draw a line under his accident and look to the future was a huge joy.

You can read all about my meetings with Bruno and Felipe in this month’s very special, and may I say very excellent edition of F1 Racing magazine. It’s out in all good newsagents now, so get down there and buy yourself the best damn F1 season preview available.