The F1 world has descended upon Abu Dhabi and the glorious new Yas Marina circuit complex. It is bloody impressive. Not only is the paddock incredible, but there’s a hotel spanning the track, a marina, the world’s largest shopping mall, a Ferrari theme park and a media centre that just defied belief.

But, for my part, I just can’t shake the feeling that I’m in the middle of a Star Wars film and that I’ve accidentally been flown to Tattoine and am currently walking around Mos Eisley spaceport.


Jokes aside, it’s a stupendously impressive venue. And, as I said, the media centre takes the buscuit. Normally we strain our necks and eyes to see what’s going on via a bunch of small TV sets. But not in Abu Dhabi. Oh no. The media centre here is set out like mission control at NASA, with bloody great cinema screens at the front of the room.


The downsides? I feel like crap and am clearlyoming down with an end of season cold which isn’t helped by the sub zero air con. The 40 minute round journey to the media accreditation centre that was stupidly put at the airport and nowhere near the track, requiring a £60 cab ride. But that’s about it.

Roll on the racing. This place rocks.