Nico Rosberg appears to have lost his helmet on arrival in Brazil… or has he?

Is this a big marketing spoof, or has Nico’s helmet really been stolen? His twitter feed says it was accidentally left in the hotel lobby and has gone walkies… so if this is a marketing ploy it’s not going to please the race organisers or local government to essentially point out that the crime rate in Brazil is so astonishingly high. Which kind of begs the question of whether it is real… It was only back in Monza that the GP2 paddock got broken into and Andi Zuber had BOTH his race helmets nicked, while Luca Filippi had his overalls half inched. So it’s not out of the realms of possibility in Europe, let alone Sao Paulo.

Nico does have a good poker face though, I’ve known him long enough to know that… genuinely there I times when I still can’t tell if he’s pulling my leg. Real or not, here’s his plea.