Good afternoon from Suzuka. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, so apologies for that… lots of exciting things happening in the Buxton household coupled with keeping on top of GPWeek and other clients meant I haven’t had nearly as much time to jump online and blog away as I’d have hoped.

We’re now in Suzuka and it is raining so there’s not a lot happening out on track. Having spent a few days in Tokyo (my first time in the city) I have come to the conclusion that the Japanese are a bit bonkers in a rather beautiful way. My colleague Adam, who showed me around Tokyo, was stuck on a flight out to Japan with a bunch of mad Japanese fans who all went a bit doolally when they realised Jenson and Kimi was on their flight. He told me that all they did was shout at the drivers.

Apparently shouting is a favourite pastime out here.

Can you tell we’re all a bit bored during this session? Just seen Tonio taking photos in the pitlane. I’m going to grab a coffee.