So Ferrari’s had its court case against the 2010 regulation changes thrown out, and the good folk at Maranello are not very happy.

Following a report on in which a number of prospective new-for-2010 F1 teams was unveiled, Ferrari’s frustration has boiled over… resulting in a news piece on their official website that has got everybody in the F1 media centre here in Monaco giggling like school kids.

(For maximum effect, read the following in an Italian accent)

“They couldn’t almost believe their eyes, the men at women working at Ferrari, when they read the papers this morning and found the names of the teams, declaring that they have the intention to race in Formula 1 in the next year. Looking at the list, which leaked yesterday from Paris, you can’t find a very famous name, one of those one has to spend 400 Euros per person for a place on the grandstand at a GP (plus the expenses for the journey and the stay..). Wirth Research, Lola, USF1, Epsilon Euskadi, RML, Formtech, Campos, iSport: these are the names of the teams, which should compete in the two-tier Formula 1 wanted by Mosley. Can a World Championship with teams like them – with due respect – can have the same value as today’s Formula 1, where Ferrari, the big car manufacturers and teams, who created the history of this sport, compete? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to call it Formula GP3?” Link

Toys… pram… thrown.

Wonderful stuff.