Britain’s Got Talent may be car crash TV, but it is one of my guilty pleasures. It’s not the awful acts I look forward to, but those rare moments when somebody really talented somehow manages to emerge from the great rivers of sewage that flow across the TV screen for a good three quarters of the programme.

I was somewhat shocked however, when I noticed somebody I thought I recognised on this Saturday’s show. At first glance I thought it couldn’t be him. No way would he have the audacity. But then little Ant and Dec told us all his name, and my shock turned to disbelief. What was he going to do for his act? More to the point, how had nobody in the vetting process figured out who he was?

My shock and disbelief turned to anger when two out of the three judges passed him through to the next round. Still none of them had twigged. This man, as my colleague James Allen so correctly pointed out six years ago, is a lunatic.

And they put this guy through to the next round… in a competition where the prize is to perform in front of the Queen… something tells me there’s a researcher at ITV that is going to be joining the list of 2 million UK unemployed fairly soon. Neil Horan has a reputation for making bizarre protests. He pulled the leading runner out of the marathon at the 2004 Athens olympics, and as that last video reminds us, put not only his own life but the life of every F1 driver, and the Silverstone marshals, on the line with his idiotic stunt in 2003.

The man shouldn’t be applauded. He should be committed.

Britain’s Got Talent? Tell you what, for the next round let’s revisit 2003 and put him in the middle of the M1 motorway on a busy afternoon. See how talented he is then.